Chart Your Own Path

Divergent Group is a privately held partnership that invests in and develops entertainment and real estate companies. With offices in New York, California, and Texas, we help entrepreneurial companies reach their goals wherever they need our support.

What we do

Divergent provides innovative guidance and strategic capital to bring creative ideas to life. Our support is fluid and adapts to the needs of our partners.


Our culture of collaboration

Situated at the intersection of real estate and entertainment, our experience includes production companies, films, and all major types of real estate, which are often combined (e.g. studios, live entertainment venues, and mixed use properties).  Divergent develops solutions customized to the needs of our partners. We seek to help ideas achieve scale and avoid the many obstacles and pitfalls that can impede progress.  No two paths to success are the same, we want to help creative people chart their own path and in their own unique way.

The Divergent Platform

Collaborative Partners

Divergent targets creative real estate and entertainment companies with demonstrable unique strategies and expertise

Develop Operating Platforms

By providing strategic resources, technological, and operational support, Divergent seeks to develop ideas into viable platforms


We seek opportunities aligned with our values; Divergent’s efforts to support the best ideas are backed with the commitment of our own capital.

at Scale

Divergent believes success is defined by achieving the right level of scale, whether the idea is large or small, chart your own path.

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